Velcro Phone Case

“매일 다른 나만의 휴대폰 #케이스를 연출하자”

Velcro Case Background

The idea for the Velcro-backed case came from the desire to emulate the aesthetic of enamel lapel pins, but on a phone case. The look would be the kind of thing you may have seen strewn across denim jackets of expressive teens and 20-somethings.

It has become something of a trend in the last couple of years and I think is a great way for individuals to establish their own style and communicate their individual likes and desires.


Enamel Pin – Google Trends

As a business venture, if we could make this work and create enough designs for mini icons and characters, we would be able to sell cases and accessories for the cases, all while tying back to the Picograph brand’s identity of customization.

Like pins on fabric, the ideal case of this kind would allow for objects to be placed in any arrangement and could be easily removed and changed to reflect one’s current mood (so adhesives would likely be a no-go). Being it is a phone case, I figured that the final product would have to be thin enough (so most mechanical means of attaching were not going to work).

Velcro Case Mockup

My initial idea was to use magnets, thinking that perhaps it would be both thin enough and allow for the specific aesthetic afforded by enamel pins, while allowing for nearly unlimited changes as the user pleases. Magnets, however, had the possibility of interfering with a smartphones sensors, so other solutions were needed.

I was unsure about velcro at first. The aesthetics were markedly different and attaching cloth to a plastic case seemed to bring up the question of durability. Even so, it seemed to be the ideal material given the circumstance—cloth patches have a unique and desirable aesthetic anyways.

The resulting test products turned out fairly great and so we move forward with the idea!



벨크로를 이용하여 만든 기본케이스에 자기가 좋아하는 와펜과 함께

일주일 7일 동안 나는 매일 폰케이스로 변화주어 기분을 업하자.

Default to the case, made using the Velcro.
His favorite with a Wappen.
Change in case my phone every day for seven days a week.
Feel up.

If you have different ideas shared.


1) 1차 와펜 짜잔~~

       벨크로 케이스에 어울릴 1차 와펜 시리즈가 완성 되었습니다.

       귀엽죠.^^ 마음 바뀔때 마다 바꿔치기 ㅋㅋ 하는 재미가 솔솔~~






위 사이트 클릭!! 귀여운 벨크로 케이스를 만날 수 있습니다.


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  1. 이승우 2017년 1월 23일 at 3:28 오후 - Reply

    벨크로를 활용한 케이스 참 좋네요.
    다양한 디자인의 캐릭터도 좋아요.
    미디어 비지니스의 대박예감!

  2. YHJ 2017년 2월 7일 at 3:51 오후 - Reply


  3. Hee sook Lim 2017년 2월 27일 at 1:35 오후 - Reply

    곧. 완제품과 미디어 디자인 출시됩니다.
    잠시 기다려 주세요..^^

    Soon, the products and media design will be launched.
    Please wait a moment …^^

  4. 지수 이 2017년 3월 14일 at 9:42 오전 - Reply

    저 벨크로도 색을 다양하게 할수있나요? 그렇다면 더 재미있는 상품이 나올수있을것같아요!
    막 하늘색의 벨크로에 날개달린 캐릭터같은것을 올려본다던가…그런?ㅎㅎ
    빨리 제품으로 나왔으면 좋겠네요~

  5. 이정욱 2017년 3월 28일 at 12:39 오후 - Reply

    럭키 슈에트 부엉이가 날아다니는 날이 빨리오길!!!

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