[picograph] Wooden speaker ‘Fly in the air’ on Sale!


At last, picograph has started their new product, wooden speaker ‘Fly in the air’ on 5th of January 2017.

Our lives surrounding the environment of various devices needed rechargeable battery devices,

this is a meaningful challenge to evoke the limited resources of our planet.



      20170110_173036        20170110_173048
      20170110_173103        20170110_173059

20170110_172731    20170110_172839

20170110_172901    20170110_172943


The price is one hundred US dollars($100.00) including the original pouch (material:synthetic leather).

It is also acceptable customer’s design on the top of speaker.

Additionally, limited edition will be release on April of this year.

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  1. 승우 이 2017년 1월 10일 at 2:11 오후 - Reply

    기념비적인 첫 제품은 제가 소장을 위해 구매 하는 것으로 하였습니다. ㅍㅎㅎㅎ~~

  2. 마디 2017년 1월 24일 at 4:38 오후 - Reply

    와우 멋져요.

  3. Hee sook Lim 2017년 2월 27일 at 1:30 오후 - Reply

    저도 하나 구매해야겠네요. ^**^
    캠핑갈때 넘 좋을것 같아요.

    Maybe I should buy one, too.^^
    I think it would be so good to go camping.~~

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